Chapter, 2023

Chapter 1 Introduction

In: State Estimation Strategies in Lithium-ion Battery Management Systems, 9780443161605

Publisher: Elsevier

DOI: 10.1016/b978-0-443-16160-5.00007-x

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As the main source of automotive energy supply and storage, automotive lithium-ion battery packs are indispensable in the overall energy supply system of automobiles. Therefore, Battery Management System (BMS), as the main aspect in energy management and safety monitoring of new energy vehicles, has become an indispensable core of new energy vehicles. BMS not only accurately measures the battery voltage, current, temperature, and other key reference information, simultaneously carries out system safety diagnosis and hazard alarm, but also predicts energy state estimation, peak power estimation, state of charge, and state of health to enhance efficiency of energy utilization and improve working condition. Therefore, the estimation of four core state parameters of lithium-ion batteries is of great significance for reliable, safe, and long-lasting use of the batteries.


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