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Article, 2023

Letter to the editor: Testing on external independent datasets is necessary to corroborate machine learning model improvement

Bioinformatics, ISSN 1367-4811, 1367-4803, 1460-2059, Volume 39, 6, Page btad327, 10.1093/bioinformatics/btad327


Corsi, Giulia Ilaria 0000-0001-5932-0664 [1] Anthon, Christian 0000-0002-4336-1688 [1] Gorodkin, Jan 0000-0001-5823-4000 (Corresponding author) [1]


  1. [1] University of Copenhagen
  2. [NORA names: KU University of Copenhagen; University; Denmark; Europe, EU; Nordic; OECD]


dataset, editors, external independent datasets, improvement, independent datasets, letter, machine, model improvement


  • Novo Nordisk Foundation

Data Provider: Digital Science