Article, 2023

PE as resonance? The role of physical education in an accelerated education system

In: Sport Education and Society, ISSN 1357-3322, 1470-1243, Pages 1-13, 10.1080/13573322.2022.2161502

Contributors (2)

Frydendal, Stine [1] Thing, Lone Friis (0000-0003-4860-1123) [2]


  1. [1] University of Copenhagen
  2. [NORA names: KU University of Copenhagen; University; Denmark; Europe, EU; Nordic; OECD]
  3. [2] Norwegian School of Sport Sciences
  4. [NORA names: Norway; Europe, Non-EU; Nordic; OECD]


PE, education, education system, physical education, resonance, role, system