Patent Number: CN-117468822-A

Publication Year: 2024

Application Year: 2023

Priority Year: 2023

Jurisdictions: CN

Status: Pending




  1. VKR Holding (Denmark)
  2. [NORA names: VKR Holding; Private Research]


The present invention relates to an electric window opener and a window including the same. The electric window opener includes: casing, motor assembly, screw rod, bearing assembly and push rod. The motor assembly, the screw rod and the bearing assembly are arranged in the shell, an output shaft of the motor assembly is connected with an end shaft of the screw rod, the motor assembly can drive the screw rod to rotate, a first push rod end thread of the push rod is connected to the end part of the screw rod opposite to the end shaft, the push rod can move between an extending position and a retracting position along the axial direction of the electric window opener under the driving of the screw rod, and the bearing assembly is sleeved on the end shaft of the screw rod. The bearing assembly includes a tightening ring and a loosening ring arranged such that the tightening ring is rotatable relative to the loosening ring and is capable of transmitting radial and axial forces from the screw to the loosening ring. The electric window opener can bear axial force and radial force, and has high operation reliability, long service life and low noise.

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Electric window opener and window comprising same

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