Patent Number: CN-112219029-B

Publication Year: 2024

Granted Year: 2024

Application Year: 2019

Priority Year: 2018

Jurisdictions: CN

Status: Active


Manuel May


  1. Vc Eighth Technology Co ltd


A sensor device (200) for use on a wind turbine (100) is described. The sensor arrangement (200) comprises rotor blade related sensors (202, 204, 206, 208, 210) and non-rotor blade related sensors (212, 214, 216) arranged in/on the rotor blade, wherein sensor signals associated with the rotor blade related sensors are processed by fusion of sensor signals associated with the non-rotor blade related sensors. The invention relates to a method (400) for operating a wind turbine (100).

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Sensor device for a wind turbine

Vc Eighth Technology Co ltd Manuel May

2024, CN-112219029-B

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